Year 6 Schools Project

Mystery Guests as Part of Careers for Year 6 Students 2015 - 2016

Throughout the academic year 2015 – 2016 CIGPE has supported and taken part in Guernsey Education Year 6 Career’s classes.  The aim of the classes is to raise the aspirations, and challenge stereotypes already imbedded in the students in year 6. 

Given a schedule of classes from Guernsey Education CIGPE filled each place with Engineering volunteers.  As one of the aim’s for the classes was to challenge stereotypes the number of women in Engineering volunteers asked to attend was greater, although those male engineers who wanted to take part were welcomed. 

The mystery guest session, within the class, was up to 20 minutes long, and is broken into 3 sections

The guest is introduced (first name only) and the students are allowed to ask questions to guess what we do for a living with guests answering with ‘yes’ or ‘no’

The guest was then asked to present a short piece on Engineering, how they get into it, what they enjoy about it, skills required and their career

The students were then invited to ask questions.

Nine primary schools took part with 13 mystery engineering guest sessions with a class each of around 40 students.

Feedback from each of the sessions was good, with positive comments from both the Guernsey Education Staff and also the CIGPE volunteers and we also received the following feedback from some of the students:

"I enjoyed the mystery guest and guessing what they did."

"I enjoyed the guess the job of the person because the job she did I had no clue what it was so I learnt about that too!"

"I enjoyed everything but my favourite thing was finding out about the mystery guest, her job was so interesting and it got me inspired."

"When the lady came in and we had to guess where she worked and it was very hard."

"I really enjoyed the mystery guest bit."

"When we had to guess the worker that was fun.  It was interesting how many guesses it took us to work it out."

"I really enjoyed learning about what the mystery guest did."

The topic of challenging stereotypes was also picked up by a local TV company who ran a piece on CIGPE’s involvement in the careers classes and Women in Engineering.  Interviews were conducted with Jenny Giles and Catherine Harris.  The piece was aired as a section in the local news reports on Sunday 3rd July 2016.

The CIGPE volunteers are all keen to help organise and take part in these sessions in the new academic year, 2016 -2017.