Albert Pier Restructure

The redevelopment of berths 4 & 5 on the Albert Pier was completed by Geomarine in April 2015.

The development was a complex civil engineering project that provides improved berthing facilities for marina leisure vessels visiting Jersey, and a new pontoon for the RNLI lifeboat.

Work began with the removal of the old Ro-Ro Linkspan Bridge. 

The installation of 11 piles, that supported the new pontoon where installed using specialist drilling equipment that was mounted on a jack up barge. Holes were drilled into the seabed approximately 5m deep. The 24m long piles were then installed and grouted into place. 

The pontoons were assembled on the quay side and lifted into place, as was the 51m long access bridge that was lifted into place as one unit. 

Structural works to strengthen the base of the quay side and marina wall was also completed during the project. This work had to be done at low tide, and involved installation of 140m of sheet piles, placing of pre-cast blocks and construction of concrete capping beams.