When the shaking stops – Short and long term effects of earthquakes

Jersey Date : 22nd November

Jersey Time : 6:30 pm (optional dinner)

8:00pm Lecture (free to attend)

Jersey Venue : Pomme D'Or Hotel

Guernsey Date : 21st November

Guernsey Time : 6:30 pm

Guernsey Venue : Rocquettes Hotel

This lecture was presented by Dr. Alexander Densmore at the Rocquettes Hotel, Guernsey on Wednesday, 21 November and the Pomme D'Or Hotel, Jersey on Thursday, 22 November.

This lecture comes with an optional dinner, starting at 6:30pm. We are no longer accepting online payments for this talk, however you can still pay by a cheque made payable to CIGPE. Please notify us of any special dietary requirements when paying.

If you are interested in just the talk, you are welcome to come and join us at 8:00pm.

Earthquakes are a major geological hazard across the globe as well as one of the driving engines behind the creation and maintenance of mountainous topography.

We have learned a lot in the past few decades about the spatial and temporal dimensions of earthquakes and the lasting effects they have on the Earth’s surface. Yet often overlooked in such events are a whole range of subtler changes to the land surface, due to landsliding, destruction of vegetation, and uplift or subsidence of the ground. These changes are hazards in their own right, and can cause major long-term disruption to relief or rebuilding efforts over large areas. Rivers may become choked by landslide debris, vegetation loss may lead to persistent large-scale soil erosion, surface and groundwater flows may be disrupted or stopped completely, and large landslides may block or even divert rivers away from their former courses. Importantly, these effects may occur irregularly in space, and can persist for years or decades after the earthquake.  This talk will examine some of the coseismic and post-seismic effects of large earthquakes

For Jersey Lectures - Lectures will start at 8:00pm (which are free to attend) but are proceded by an optional dinner, starting at 6:30pm. If you wish to attend the dinner at a cost of £20pp bookings can be made by phone 01534 856566 or email